Wednesday, April 20, 2016

meaning x 2

i am deeply sleep deprived and have been typing this sentence for over 3 minutes because i keep typing wrong shit instead of the right shit - you know?
it has occurred to me that i should just start writing in a journal instead of on here, but it just seems simpler than to keep looking for books to write in.
i tried something new today. it wasn't amazing, but it really wasn't bad.
i made my best friend listen to my snarky remarks all morning because it turns out trying new things while pmsing terribly isn't the greatest idea...
as a feminist, i should probably not blame my irrational behaviour on pms, but please be assured, men of the world, that male or female, pmsing or not pmsing, i would always be irrational.

anyway... amidst all of that griping and randomly being pushed into some temple to pray (i didn't),
i watched the sun rise from above these rocks bordering the sea...
and i'll tell you one thing - sunrises aren't overrated.

after all's said and done, the question remains -
if the world were to end tomorrow, would you rather have missed this view?
and maybe it's the sentimentality talking again, but...
no, i wouldn't have.

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